What it’s like to be a grandparent

I don’t know if you have ever wondered what it is like to be a grandparent or ever wondered what your parents feel and think, now that you have kids, so let me give you a little bit of what I feel, now that I am one.  Let me start by saying having my own child was the most incredible feeling a woman can ever go through.  Sure there is pain and many, many challenges of childbirth and child rearing but nothing gave me that totally satisfied feeling, that sense of joy and utopia, as when I had a child.  Of course, we forget a lot of things as times go on.  We are in the moment of living and life is what it is.  Then, they grow up.  As for my children, it was a sense of great accomplishment as they grew up to be awesome, responsible and compassionate people. They thought for themselves, they argued their own opinions, likes and dislikes and they made a life for themselves in the midst of this crazy unpredictable world.  Then they married….ahhhhh, what a joy to see your child fall in love with a wonderful woman or man that feels for them the same way you do, wanting only the best for them.  It’s a sheer pleasure to hand them off to begin a new chapter in their lives.  Unfortunately, the empty nester thing is a bit sad and challenging.  Where do you go now, what do you do with your time?  Who do you call now?  Your children have a life of their own.  They are busy.  Yes, they love you but they are busy.  Do they want to talk?  Maybe, but somehow you always seem to get their answering machines.  Sigh.

But then…the announcement…”we’re going to have a baby!”  What sheer and utter able joy those words bring to a future grandparent.  To see your daughter or daughter-in-law go through their pregnancy is such a happy time, knowing that at the end of nine months, we get a grandchild. J  A little tiny human to hold, to love, to buy things for, to make yummy things for, to take places, to talk silly to, etc.  I am so happy when I see them, when they call me by my name “Grandma Mookie”.  Music to my ears.  I find myself loving to cook things that please my grandchildren just so I see their smiles or hear them shout for joy knowing their grandma is cooking something they love.  Ahhhhh.

They show me the future at a time when a lot of my friends are thinking about the past.  And they take me back in time to childhood – theirs, their parents and my own.  They slow me down, get me to forget about having a clean house or always wanting to keep on schedule.  Because a life of a child is not predictable and certainly not organized.  But that’s ok too.  They bring sunshine to my life and I am forever grateful for the gifts given me by God.  They are gifts, you know.  To be cherished and loved and enjoyed in the later stages of life.  I may not be so young these days, but I feel young, my grandchildren help me stay young and keep me happy.  It’s a good life.